Take Steps to Simplify Your Investment Strategy

Complicated investment strategies that have no defined structure or path are the surest way to set yourself up for investment failure. Taking the time to focus your investment strategy and simplifying your portfolio can be easy with these three simple steps.

  1. Consolidate accounts where you can. Having fewer accounts will reduce the confusion of multiple quarterly statements and make managing your money that much easier.
  2. Reduce the total number of investments you have in your portfolio. By reducing your total number of investments, you’re allowing yourself more space to truly understand what’s going on with a few key investments rather than becoming overwhelmed by 20-30 of them.
  3. Automate as many of your investments as you feel comfortable with. Contributing to your retirement on a routine basis isn’t something you should be worrying about every month. Instead, set up recurring contributions. This makes budgeting easier and ensures that making payments never falls to the wayside.

Simplifying your portfolio doesn’t have to be overwhelming and complicated. Take it one step at a time and regain control of your financial investments. Read our full article on portfolio simplification in Columbia Daily Tribune.

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