Tax Law Changes Make Qualified Charitable Donations from IRAs More Appealing

Americans are still reeling from the recent passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act at the end of 2017, which brought a slew of new tax code changes that were implemented at the start of this year. One of these changes is nearly doubling the standard deduction – which means that the total number… [Continue]

Cognitive Decline a Concern for Future Financial Well-Being

Unfortunately, many of us will experience cognitive decline as we age. It’s not fun to think about, but it is necessary to prepare for. Many people think of exorbitant financial bills coming from a physical ailment during retirement. They’re experiencing more aches and pains than usual, and the tole that a lifetime takes on our… [Continue]

Flexibility is Key to Any Portfolio Withdrawal Strategy

Determining safe withdrawal rates – or the rate where the percentage of a portfolio that can be withdrawn on an annual basis without sacrificing the portfolio’s ability to last for the lifetime of the investor – is difficult to do. Nobody can predict the future, so knowing exactly how long an investor’s lifetime is going to… [Continue]

Exploring Medicare Options Can Pay Dividends

With more Americans turning 65 (approximately 10,000+ every day), more people are enrolling in Medicare. Let’s look at the four part Medicare system together, to make sure everyone’s on the same page as you begin to plan: Part A: Part A & B are known as Original Medicare. Part A, specifically, is hospital insurance that… [Continue]

Taking the Long View on Benefits

Everyone wants to live longer, but few consider the financial planning implications of doing so. Living longer requires careful planning when you’re making the crucial decision of when to file for Social Security benefits. While sometimes filing early is necessary, you should make sure you know all of your options and understand when your retirement… [Continue]