Clarity Financial Review

The Clarity Financial Review provides an overall picture of your financial life in a condensed two-hour meeting.  During this meeting, you will learn answers to the following questions:

1. Am I following the tenants of the Five Fundamentals of Fiscal Fitness?  These are the essential ingredients to building a lifetime of financial success and are appropriate to follow for individuals at all stages of  life.

Thomas Kempis is credited with saying, “The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid.”  In the same sense, a firm financial foundation is essential to your long-term financial success.

These fundamentals will address:  Are you saving enough each year?  Do you have sufficient emergency cash – and if so, how is it held?  What kind of debt do you have, good or bad?  Do you have the right sized home? and Are you investing appropriately in yourself?

2. What is my net worth and how does it fit into my current stage in life?  We are all familiar with our own life cycle, but what about your Financial Life Cycle?  Are you on the right track?  We compare your net worth to an appropriate benchmark which allows you to see if you are on a good financial trajectory or if improvement is needed.

3.  What are my current asset allocations?  We consider your real estate, equity holdings, and interest earning portfolio and look for red flags or areas in need of improvement.  We provide general asset allocation guidelines and recommendations.

4.  Are there any tax saving opportunities I should consider?  We will review your last two years of personal tax returns and discuss any red flags and any tax saving strategy if available.

5.  What about…?  In addition to all of the above, you can provide one additional financial planning topic for us to review in more detailed discussions.  Examples include:  Will I ever run out of money?  Am I ready to retire?  What should I do with insurance or settlement money?  Do I have high quality investments?  What should I do with my inheritance?  Is my life insurance appropriate for my situation?  If it relates to your financial wellness, we can discuss it!

Cost for a Clarity Financial Review is $950 with half payable at the time of the agreement and half do upon completion of the Review.  On a case by case basis, this fee may be lowered at the advisor’s sole discretion.