Options When Inheriting an IRA From a Spouse

When a spouse inherits an IRA, and they’re under age 70 1/2, they have several options in front of them (depending on their unique financial situation – every person is different, and these examples are generalized):

  1. Treat the IRA as their own.
  2. Transfer the assets to an Inherited IRA.
  3. Transfer the assets to an Inherited IRA and distribute the assets using the 5-year rule.
  4. Take a lump sum.

If the spouse who is inheriting an IRA is over age 70 1/2, their options are somewhat similar. However, understanding the “why” behind the action you choose to take with your inheritance and to know all of your options – especially during an emotional and high-stress time of your life. You can read more about IRA inheritance in Tim’s latest article from the Columbia Daily Tribune.

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