Tax Law Changes Make Qualified Charitable Donations from IRAs More Appealing

Americans are still reeling from the recent passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act at the end of 2017, which brought a slew of new tax code changes that were implemented at the start of this year. One of these changes is nearly doubling the standard deduction – which means that the total number… [Continue]

New Tax Bill Allows 529 Plans to Pay for Private School

It’s not a secret that the new federal tax bill, signed into law at the end of 2017, brought some colossal changes to the tax code in 2018. One of these changes is the new ability to use 529 plans for private school education before college. In the past, 529 plans were used exclusively for college-related… [Continue]

Season of Giving Requires Careful Consideration

In 2016, individuals in America donated a record of $281.6 billion to charity. The most common time for people to donate is during the holiday season, or the end of the year. For most of us, charitable giving comes from a place of kindness, or wanting to give back to the causes we care about.… [Continue]

Options When Inheriting an IRA From a Spouse

When a spouse inherits an IRA, and they’re under age 70 1/2, they have several options in front of them (depending on their unique financial situation – every person is different, and these examples are generalized): Treat the IRA as their own. Transfer the assets to an Inherited IRA. Transfer the assets to an Inherited… [Continue]

Freezing Credit Still the Best Way to Prevent Identity Theft

If you want to prevent identity theft, you should consider freezing your credit. Many reputable sources insist that simply monitoring your credit can help you prevent identity theft – and they’re not wrong. However, the only proven way to help prevent someone from actively stealing your identity is to freeze your credit. When placing a… [Continue]