Getting Started

Step 1 – Schedule A Call

No preparation required on your part. Simply schedule a time that will work for you below, and I will call at the alloted time for a 15 or 20 minute chat!

Step 2 – Schedule an Initial Meeting at our office

Before our face-to-face meeting, we ask you complete an Information Form

Below is the Information Form we request potential clients fill out before their initial in-person meeting. We compare this to filling out a medical history when visiting a new doctor. It makes the initial meeting much more efficient when we aren’t spending time asking mundane financial questions. We ask for a lot of data but only so that we can make informed decisions. We find that too many advisors make recommendations based on partial facts and figures and, as a firm focused on comprehensive planning, that is not how we operate.

When you have completed the form, please save it to your computer and send it back using the secure link below. Otherwise, feel free to print it off and mail, fax, or drop it by the office.

Our privacy statement is also included at the end of the form. The information you share is strictly confidential regardless of whether or not we ultimately work together.

We ask that you return the Form at least one day prior to your scheduled meeting.  If we scheduled your initial meeting already during the phone conversation, great!  If not, you may do so above. This appointment typically takes about an hour, and it is an opportunity for me to learn more about your objectives in working with a financial advisor. You will also learn more about the services offered and how they may help you accomplish those objectives. From there, we can decide if working together makes sense for both parties.

Thank you for considering Clarity Financial as your financial advisor!



32-ochre_docDownload the Client Preliminary Information Form (Fillable PDF)

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