Freezing Credit Still the Best Way to Prevent Identity Theft

If you want to prevent identity theft, you should consider freezing your credit. Many reputable sources insist that simply monitoring your credit can help you prevent identity theft – and they’re not wrong. However, the only proven way to help prevent someone from actively stealing your identity is to freeze your credit.

When placing a credit freeze, consumers make it impossible for fraudsters to access their credit by literally “freezing” it. For consumers to access their own credit, they need to go through the extra steps to “unfreeze” and “refreeze” when they’re applying for mortgages, credit cards, or other loans. Although this may feel like a hassle, it ensures that nobody else can access your personal information through one of the three major credit bureaus.

To learn more about how to freeze your credit, and why it’s a good idea, check out Tim’s latest article in the Columbia Daily Tribune.

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