Flexibility is Key to Any Portfolio Withdrawal Strategy

Determining safe withdrawal rates – or the rate where the percentage of a portfolio that can be withdrawn on an annual basis without sacrificing the portfolio’s ability to last for the lifetime of the investor – is difficult to do. Nobody can predict the future, so knowing exactly how long an investor’s lifetime is going to be – and exactly how much of their investment funds they’ll need during that lifetime given any unforeseen bumps in the road – is impossible. Still, plans have to be made. The only thing that researchers and financial analysts can agree on is that flexibility is by far the most important factor when developing a withdrawal strategy.

Having a withdrawal strategy that is flexible enough to absorb the bumps along the way while still lasting long enough to allow the investor to live comfortably for the duration of their lives is key. As difficult as it is to imagine a catastrophic health concern or a market crash during the sunset of your life, you and your adviser have to think proactively in order to set you up for a successful future of capitalizing on your investments.

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