Financial Advisors in Columbia, MO show how being an accredited investor makes you a target.

As a fee-only financial advisor serving the Columbia, MO market, our firm is no stranger to the many different investment vehicles available to our clients. Of course, some investment options carry significantly more risk than others. In fact, the federal government has made it illegal for some investment managers to accept money from any investor not able to meet minimum net worth or income requirements. If you meet the legal qualifying requirements, then you are deemed an “accredited investor.”
Rightly or wrongly, once these hurdles are met, it is assumed you are savvy enough to know or at least evaluate the risks involved. But, many times people selling these securities rely on the sense of exclusivity to entice investors to purchase unregulated securities. Unregulated securities can arrive with promises of big financial gains, yet they are not bound by SEC registration requirements. For advice regarding these kinds of investments, individuals should speak with their financial advisors.
Columbia, MO’s Tribune ran our article about unregulated securities. For more information about whether this investment tool is right for you, please see our article in the Columbia Tribune.
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