Charitable Donations – How to donate more to your Columbia MO cause and less to the tax man

Most charitable donations are managed through cutting a check to worthy Columbia, MO causes like The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri and the Heart of Missouri United Way. But, did you know if you donate appreciated assets, like stocks, you might be able to avoid some personal taxes and produce a larger gift for the charity?

It’s common knowledge that selling high performing stocks produces capital gains tax – taxed at preferred long-term rates if held longer than one year or as ordinary income if held for one year or less. But, imagine if you donate the stock instead of cashing it out. If done correctly, you can avoid the taxes, take a charitable deduction for the full market value of the stocks, and provide a larger gift to your non-profit organization than what otherwise may have been feasible.

We’ve covered some details about this financial move in a recent Columbia Tribune article. Please check it out.

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