Savings Vehicle for Missourians with Disabilities Set to Open

The ABLE act is a program that allows individual states to create their own ABLE account savings programs for individuals with disabilities. It’s quickly beginning to look like Missouri will be the 20th state to launch the MO ABLE program on April 24th. This new program will help Missouri residents with disabilities enjoy tax free… [Continue]

Fiduciary Rule Gets its Wings Clipped

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of financial advisers. There are brokers, and there are investment adviser representatives (IARs). Brokers are employed by broker-dealers and operate under the suitability standard. IARs are employed by registered investment adviser firms, regulated by their state or the SEC, and operate under the fiduciary standard. The fiduciary standard states that… [Continue]

Investment Fees

All investors are subject to investment fees. Whether you live in Columbia, MO, or work on Wall Street, fees slowly erode the cumulative returns any investor receives. Some will argue that higher fees can be justified by superior performance. The reality is that investments with higher fees typically produce inferior returns over a long-term time horizon. It’s… [Continue]