Don’t Rely on Luck for a Successful Retirement

Planning for your retirement isn’t a simple answer, and there is never a one size fits all solution that sets everyone up for equal success. The only true piece of advice I can impart to those looking to plan for a comfortable retirement is to never rely on luck alone. The investment market can be… [Continue]

Head Better Than Heart in Determining Investing Risk Tolerance

A factor that financial advisers have to consider with their clients is the emotional risk tolerance for investing. Knowing how much investment risk a client can stomach is important, especially if their portfolio comprises high risk accounts. However, there are other questions to be asking, as well. Rather than focusing on the emotional reaction to… [Continue]

Employers can Keep IRA Plans Simple

As traditional pensions continue to fall by the wayside in employer benefits packages, employees are becoming increasingly responsible for saving for their own retirement. Even still, many small employers offer neither a pension or any retirement savings options to their employees. However, small business owners do have one retirement savings plan option available to them… [Continue]

A Focus on Tax Efficiency Pays Off

Building a tax-efficient portfolio should be a priority for every investor. Although the decisions made to create a tax-efficient portfolio are small, they always pay off with larger gains in the long term. Inefficient portfolios not only drag on returns, they also can result in a higher tax bill. As an investor who is focusing… [Continue]

Considering Your Investment Style

Active versus passive mutual fund investment strategies are often hotly debated in the financial industry. An active approach tries to beat a benchmark through superior stock picking, market timing, and every strategy in between. In the opposite corner, fund managers who use a passive approach are looking to match the returns of the benchmark that… [Continue]

The Basics of Share Classes

As an investor you may be looking to grow your portfolio through mutual funds, but do you know how a fund’s share class will impact the cost of your investment? With about 7,600 mutual funds available, some with 15 or more share classes to select from, the information abundance can be overwhelming. To simplify things,… [Continue]