New Tax Bill Allows 529 Plans to Pay for Private School

It’s not a secret that the new federal tax bill, signed into law at the end of 2017, brought some colossal changes to the tax code in 2018. One of these changes is the new ability to use 529 plans for private school education before college. In the past, 529 plans were used exclusively for college-related… [Continue]

Financial Tips for Graduates

Did you recently graduate? You’re about to start dealing with real-world personal finance decisions that could potentially have a lifelong impact. You’ll have to think about: Cost of living College funding How you want to spend your money How you should spend your money Aligning your spending with your values Buying a house Debt Saving Investing… [Continue]

529 college savings plan, UTMA, and other college funding options.

As a financial planner in Columbia, MO, I frequently am asked questions about how to smartly fund a college education through things like 529 college savings plans. Many times, parents are trying to figure out how to move their money around to prepare for more than one child going off to college. Preparing to fund… [Continue]

Tips for College Planning in Columbia, MO

As a financial advisor in Columbia, MO, I frequently hear from parents about how they want to make the best decisions when planning to finance their children’s education. As a parent, I can relate to these college planning topics on a personal level. The correct balance of savings and investing for each situation can be… [Continue]