Avoiding Small Mistakes Can Lead to Big Gains

Investment success often hinges on the smallest decisions – one seemingly meaningless choice can quite literally make or break the bank. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to narrow down every single “right” choice that investors should be making. Often times their portfolios or financial planning goals are too varied to offer a one size fits all solution. That being said, there are two mistakes (that may seem mundane) that actually make a big impact on whether or not your investments succeed.

First, married couples often focus on their investments as individuals rather than viewing their portfolio as a single unit. If a couple pools their investing in the best option available rather than accepting the retirement plans they both have individually, they’re more likely to find success in their investments long term.

Second, investors often excessively double investments. It’s possible that you own too many exchange-traded funds, or mutual funds focused on the same asset class. Making sure that your portfolio remains diversified – including the kinds of assets you’re investing in – is a sure way to maintain a successful portfolio that has well diversified investments.

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